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HitBTC Review | One of the pioneers of crypto exchanges

hitbtc review

HitBTC is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges. The credibility and history of a crypto exchange is one of the features that always affects the trust or uncertainty of users. This exchange was established in 2013, while there are exchanges with more users and reputation that started working a few years after this exchange. For example, Binance exchange was established in 2017 and is currently one of the most famous exchanges in this field. But the practical features of an exchange can not be ignored, so in this post we suggest you join us with HitBTC review.

HitBTC daily trading volume review

Due to its long history in this offering, HitBTC Exchange is now suitable for its daily trading volume. According to coinmarketcap, the daily trading volume of this exchange has been about $ 3 billion in the last 24 hours. This volume is almost equal to Kucoin exchange. But in terms of features and capabilities offered, kucoin has really performed better than HitBTC, and it seems that this is the credit of this exchange that has kept the trading volume high.

HitBTC daily trading volume review

HitBTC Exchange user panel review

The user panel of this exchange has a user-friendly design. This exchange has chosen the traditional design parameters and in terms of appearance, my personal use of this exchange has not changed much over the years.

The account section includes the user’s wallet balance of different currencies. Asset in this exchange is divided into two parts: Wallet and Spot. The user can keep the amount of inventory with which he / she does not intend to trade with the Wallet section, and to trade can transfer some or all of the assets of a currency to the Spot section.

The reserved column in the account section also shows the amount of inventory for which, for example, when an active buy or sell order has been submitted. The user can restore the reserved balance by canceling active orders.

hitbtc user panel review

Types of trades offered on HitBTC

Unfortunately, this exchange only focuses on the traditional Spot trade. Fans of futures contract trading in exchange offices now include a large number. Of course, recently this exchange has provided some capabilities for Margin.

In this exchange, based on several main currencies, pair markets are classified, which can be referred to as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.

hitbtc types of trades

What are the features of the users trading panel?

In the exchange section, the exchange has provided a large number of pair markets. Some currencies listed on this exchange can be traded at fewer exchanges, and sometimes HitBTC is the only one listing a currency.

The exchange trading panel is divided into 3 sections

Market, which is for buying or selling without setting a price, in this method, users no longer place orders and automatically selects the most available exchange from the available orders and completes the transaction.

Limit is for buying or selling by setting a specific price. In this way, you can choose the price of existing orders or you can send a new order at a different price.

Scaled is a dedicated section provided by HitBTC. In this method, it is possible to determine price step, price min, price max and order count, and it is mostly used for professional traders.

hitbtc trading panel

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