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Comparing kucoin with binance exchange

comparing binance with kucoin

The kucoin exchange, like the binance exchange, was launched in 2017. From the very beginning of its activity, this exchange was able to gain a good reputation among cryptocurrency fans. Currently, the daily trading volume of this exchange is about $ 3 billion. In terms of daily trading volume, this exchange is relatively far from binance, but in terms of facilities, a large distance between them can not be imagined. Previously, we discussed the features of this exchange in binance review, but in this post, in addition to getting acquainted with kucoin, we want to compare its features with one of its competitor. Let’s comparing kucoin with binance!

The registration process

In terms of the registration process, kucoin is very similar to binance. Registration in this exchange, like binance, requires only a mobile number / email address and password. The difference with registering in kucoin is that before confirming the parameters, you must request a verification code and enter it, but binance needs this after the steps. There is no other difference between them in this issue.

registration process

Comparing trading fee of kucoin with binance

At the beginning of comparing trading fee of kucoin with binance, it should be said that both are very similar in this issue. Trading fee in kucoin, like binance, decreases based on increasing user level. Also, the monthly trading volume required to increase the level in both exchanges is 50 bitcoins.

Another similarity between the two exchanges is that for level 0 users, the fee is the same for makers and takers.

But in the case of percentage fee for spot trading, binance exchange charges a lower percentage from the user. For kucoin level 0 users, the spot trade fee for makers and takers is 0.1%, while in binance this fee is 0.075%.

Comparing spot trading fee of kucoin with binance

In comparing trading fee of kucoin with binance, fee of futures trading for makers in both kucoin and binance is 0.02%. But for takers, this fee is 0.06% in kucoin and 0.04% in binance.

Comparing futures trading fee of kucoin with binance

Ability to buy crypto currencies with fiat currencies

In both of these exchanges, it is possible to buy cryptocurrencies through fiat currencies. In kucoin this is possible through master card, visa card as well as apple pay and SEPA, but binance does not support buying through apple pay and SEPA.

kucoin vs binance buy crypto with fiats

The status of futures contract trading in these exchanges

Both exchanges offer this type of trading. But kucoin has two separate versions for this type of trading, futures lite and futures pro. The lite version of this exchange is easier to use and the pro version is more suitable for professional traders. Binance has only one version for this type of trading and in this issue kucoin seems to offer more features.

kucoin futures lite future pro

Comparing the finance category between kucoin and binance

The finance category of this exchange has offered almost the same facilities to the users, but binance has been a little stronger in this department. Crypto loans and binance visa card are among these facilities that kucoin exchange does not have.

In the earnings section, binance exchange has presented several investment plans with different APYs. Some of the plans in this section are related to the exchange currency of this exchange, Binance Coin.

The earnings section of the kucoin exchange directs us to another website, which is not a very professional move.

binance finance category

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